Accounting, Management and Financial

Altumgroup has evolved from providing financial services support to individuals, families and micro, small and medium business enterprises for more than 30 years.

A focus on continual improvement is the catalyst for the comprehensive and coordinated services provided to clients. Altumgroup has a holistic client service approach. Our culture is one of friendly, open, honest communication with trustful, respectful, co-operative behaviour.

Altumgroup develops long term client relationships by listening to concerns, acknowledging circumstances, determining objectives and working with clients in a patient, calm, inclusive manner, with a commitment to achieving positive outcomes.

Altumgroup clients are a mix of individuals, families, professionals and micro to small medium business enterprises.  Honest, independent, unbiased advice is provided, together with innovative problem solving, whilst focusing on clients' interests and well-being.

A full range of accounting and financial planning services are provided from within our three Pillars of focus – Accounting, Management, Financial.  Choosing from a menu of packaged services approach, clients only pay for services that are of value to their own personal circumstances.

Altumgroup has a structured process in dealing with client matters that ensures all aspects of a clients’ financial affairs can be addressed in a relevant and timely manner.